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Solar Panel Cleaning Bolton

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels need regular cleaning to maintain their performance - dirt in the atmosphere can cause the solar panel to lose its efficiency over time.

At Meadows Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd. we use the latest reach and wash water fed pole solar panel cleaning technology - this ladderless cleaning system with purpose designed brushes to deliver pure, filtered and de-ionised water will clean all dirt and green algae away and return the solar panels to their original performance.

Solar Panels Cleaning Manchester

Why do I need my Solar Panels Cleaned?

Solar panels need cleaning on a regular basis due to dirt in the atmosphere which adds a film of grime on the outside of the solar panels which will reduce their performance by as much as 30%.

The grime does this by preventing the solar panels from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight that the panel can take in, this then makes your solar panels less efficient and it is this inefficiency then has an effect on their performance and the amount of profit they return to you as a result in the year.

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